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Welcome to Playstation Forever!

This is a community for fans and owners of any of Sony's Playstation brand consoles. I still remember when I got a original Playstation. It was in Christmas of 1997. I think I spent a lot of time that day just enjoying the demo disc that came with the console. The next day, My brothers and I went to our nearest game store and picked up Final Fantasy VII and a couple of other game. I have also owned a PS2. I currently own a PSP and a PS3.

Basically this community will be full of info on these great consoles and the Playstation Network. Members can post reviews of PS1,PS2,PSP,PS3,and the downloadable PSN games here. These reviews must be one made by the member posting it and not stolen from a gaming magazine or a website like IGN. Since PS1 classics can be played on PSP and PS3, a good review of a PS1 game can help fellow Sony gamers decide if they want to download a certain game from the Playstation store or avoid it like the swine flu. Members can also post previews of games based on the demos or betas they have played. If you are planning to participate in the betas for MAG or Uncharted 2 on the Playstation 3, Please post here so other PS3 gamers can get excited about these upcoming titles. Members of this community can also post about Playstation Home and online gaming here. I will try to post something every Friday about the latest content on the Playstation Store.

I hope to you have enjoyed this short intro about what Playstation Forever is all about.


Resistance 2

June 2010

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